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Jan 13th at 7AM / 2 notes

Vocal Cover of Tyler Carter’s - Stayin’ Alive

Nov 18th at 8AM / 0 notes

I got bored ;) 

I do not own this song in anyway way!

Vocal Covers!!!

Nov 12th at 3AM / 0 notes
Here are a list of songs I will be covering within the next few weeks.

Sleeping With Sirens | Lets Cheer To This

Crown The Empire | Makeshift Chemistry

Woe, Is Me | Delinquents

Woe, Is Me | I’ve Told You Once

Issues | King Of Amarillo

Pierce The Veil | Caraphernelia

Go Radio | Go To Hell

Upon This Dawning | Nothing Lasts Forever

If any of you would like to request a song, please don’t hesitate to ask :)!

Oct 10th at 2AM / 3 notes

With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear- (Sleeping With Sirens) Vocal Cover


Sep 22nd at 2AM / 0 notes

Thank you guys so much for sharing my videos and helping me get more views :) I promise i’ll be making more covers and work on making the quality of the videos better! Thank you all so much! 

-Kyle Estabrook 


Sep 18th at 1AM / 0 notes

Alright I promise haha.. One last time posting this! 

I NEED your help! I entered a Pierce The Veil contest and I need you guys to help me by clicking on the url, rate the video, like the video, and share it among your peers haha. Please Please Please do this for me!

If I don’t win… I don’t really care too much.. but the reason I need this is because this is a good way to advertise… to show what I can do :) and if I have a good rating.. likes.. and people sharing… this can help me get closer to where I want to be in life. This means a lot to me.. so please… help me out <3

King For A Day - Pierce The Veil Feat. Kellin Quinn Vocal Cover

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls (Sleeping With Sirens) Vocal Cover

Sep 17th at 5AM / 0 notes

Do It Now, Remember It Later - Sleeping With Sirens Vocal Cover